Framingham Roofing Replacement

When you are going to have a roof replacement by Framingham roofing replacement, you might need to know the process of the installation first. There are a lot of kinds of material you can choose and then replace your old roof. One of the most popular materials is lightweight steel. Lightweight steel roof is now more popular because it has many advantages. Unfortunately, if you are not careful in installing the roof, the strength of the lightweight steel roof truss will reduce and there will be a risk as it is not being able to withstand the load. There is a fatal risk for the residents of the house. Therefore, even though distributors or mild steel applicators usually provide product installation services, we still need to understand the ins and outs of the roof truss results according to the design and needs of the building. Following this, we present a discussion of the principles and process of installing a lightweight steel roof truss.

Installation of lightweight steel roof truss must be carried out carefully and follow the standards and procedures that have been determined. Following are some technical requirements that are met by Framingham roofing replacement.

  • There should be no damage to the protective layer on mild steel
  • Frame roof mounted perpendicular to the pedestal (ring balk)
  • Bonding of roof truss and ring must be reinforced with anchor bolts (dynabolt).
  • The apex must be of the same height, and the neck must be flat.
  • The slope of the roof frame must be even (not allowed to be bumpy).
  • Work errors must not occur which cause changes in shape.

The lightweight steel roof frame is seated directly on the pedestal (ring balk). But under certain conditions, if the pedestal is not flat, the roof frame can be seated on the wall plate as an intermediary. The installation will go through the stages of preparation, easel assembly, pedestal checks, and laying the easel and fittings. The things that must be prepared before installation are roof plan drawings that explain the location of the sawhorses. It includes work equipment (meter, water pass or strings, cutting machine, drilling machine and screwdriver, turtle tool, hammer). While the material needed is, of course, mild steel (as needed). we recommend that you also prepare work safety equipment (gloves, glasses, helmets, work shoes) so that the process takes place safely. A professional from Framingham roofing replacement usually will take the whole process in, no matter what material you are going to use.