Traditional Runners for Unique Spaces

Different weaving traditions have created various runners fit to their needs in their unique spaces. Some runners are wider and shorter some slimmer and longer. It is interesting to see how living conditions affect directly textiles different communities have created. Now we are lucky to choose from such bountiful options. Looking at runners made by Turkish and Persian weavers along with weavers all across the world, the only difficulty a customer faces is the excess of options; which can only be considered as luck when it comes to shopping for home decor. As size is a crucial factor when shopping for runners, it is definitely advantageous to have abundant options. Aside from traditional runners we, are also offering runners that fit modern spaces perfectly as well. In our collections you can find overdyed runners, distressed vintage runners and kilim runners. Every space is unique and every space requires a different runner.

We believe having access to runners created in different weaving traditions is the best way to find the runner that will work in your space. With increasing demand towards home goods and increasing interest in designing spaces, hallways have also become important spaces designers carefully think about to create the best vibe possible. Aside from furniture, wall hangings and plants to make a hallway beautifully designed, the correct runner for the correct hallway is indispensable. Another great feature of a runner is it not narrowing the space down in a hallway unlike other furniture or decor object.  

Overdyed runners are the perfect choice for those who are looking for a specific dominant color on the floor of their hallway. Distressed runners help to create a more neutral space, as some designers prefer while decorating modern homes. At sold handmade carpets we are confident you can find a runner for any hallway. Modern spaces definitely require rugs to create a balanced look between furniture and the floors. Hallways are no different. Aside from aesthetic reasons, having a runner in your hallway is also a good decision for pragmatic reasons. First of all considering hallways are passing areas and there is at times a considerable amount of foot traffic, a runner helps quiet down all the walking that takes place. Other than this it makes a hallway safer as it has a solid and firm structure decreasing the risk of slipping. Visit to find the perfect runner for your hallway and make sure to come back to our website regularly to check our most recent collections.